Teddy shouldn’t smoke is an interdisciplinary dance company founded in 2009 that is fascinated with the human body and how it can be directed subconsciously by psyche. From its own dance studio in the cultural biotope Time Window in Rotterdam, Teddy shouldn’t smoke initiates performances in which all art disciplines are used and that can best be described as contemporary gesammtkunstwerken. The artistic heart of the company is founder and choreographer Marijke de Vos and for each project, Teddy collaborates with one or more artists from other disciplines.

The team of Teddy shouldn’t smoke consist of Marijke de Vos (artistic leader, choreographer), Hedi Legerstee (bookings, business support), Andrea van Bussel (production) and Chabelle van der Pauw (marketing, press).

More about Marijke de Vos

Stichting Teddy shouldn’t smoke is founded in 2017.
President: Piet Rogie
Secretary: Daniela Schelle
Treasurer : Bart van Kampen

The board of Stichting Teddy shouldn’t smoke is unpaid.

Mailing address:
Gordelweg 176 B
3038 GE  Rotterdam

Chamber of Commerce number:
VAT number: NL857.62.54.33.B01

Stichting Teddy shouldn’t smoke receives 2 years of structural funding through the Impulsregeling Cultuur of Gemeente Rotterdam.

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Teddy shouldn't smoke