Eternal Me

40 minutes                                                                                                               –

In this performance, visual art, dance and music merge into a contemporary memento mori. The audience sees the human body being immortalized while the two dancers throw themselves off into the deep end, with the music as their only guide for this process. What dies in finding a fixed form?

In this performance Teddy shouldn’t smoke researches the human urge to perpetuate and the glorious failure of this. Two sculptures are created by means of a live printing technique; they force the dancers to a standstill.

Concept and visual arts: Josine Slemmer
Choreography: Marijke de Vos
Composition: Kiki Luitwieler
Singers: Kiki Luitwieler, Merel Moelker
Music: Bill Mookhoek, Willem Romers, Thomas van Geelen
Dance: Alina Fejzo, Ewa Sikorska
Financiallyl supported by: Beeldenstroom/woordenstorm, Gemeente Rotterdam
Thanks to: Ruud de Boer, Joran Koster.

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Eternal Me
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Teddy shouldn't smoke