Seven Years

45 minutes                                                                                                               –

In Seven Years Teddy shouldn’t smoke explores the many sides of the female body and its sexuality; vulnerable, powerful and fearful. Who do you want to be? The dancer competes with herself and the audience on the uplifting and intoxicating backdrop of live electro act “Glitterkots and de nasmaak”.

Seven Years is based on the psychoanalytic principles of Carl Gustav Jung and specifically on the archetype of the virgin / whore. This expresses the disturbed balance between two sexual extremes of the female psyche.

Choreography: Marijke de Vos
Dance: Alina Fejzo
Live composition: Glitterkots en de nasmaak
Costume design: Terror Kittens
Thanks to: Ilse de Vries, SmartNL, Time Window, DOOR Dordrecht, Jette Schneider
Financially supported by: Gemeente Rotterdam, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht

Photos by Salih Kilic

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Seven Years
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Teddy shouldn't smoke