20 -40 minutes                                                                                                               –

In this short performance the associative capacity of the audience is addressed: music and dance are independent of each other. Nevertheless, the public cannot escape the link between what they see and hear. Dancer Alina Fejzo responds to this by seeking contact with the audience. As a charismatic alter ego inspired by top model Behati Prinsloo and her poses she leads the audience into an immersive dance experience. 

Behati is a collaboration with fashion designer Terror Kittens  and electronic music duo Glitterkots en de Nasmaak. 

Behati has been performed at a variety of festivals and parties. Always adapted to the specific circumstances of the location and crowd.

Behati has been performed at:

  • Opening Theater Rotterdam
  • Down the rabbit hole festival
  • Winterwolven – Roodkapje
  • ZigZagCity festival
  • Stukafest Rotterdam
  • Time Window Festival
  • Geheime Tuin Festival

Photos by Salih Kilic

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