Alles wat er was

45 minutes                                                                                                               –

In the novel Alles wat er was (Hanna Bervoets, 2013), a group of people is trapped in a deserted school building, as the outer world seems to perish. The tension between the characters grows and they tend to isolate. As their history fades, their loyalty and love is being challenged. What is the value of their friendship? Marijke de Vos created the dance performance ‘Alles wat er was’, based on the novel.

Choreography: Marijke De Vos
Dancers: Pedro Alves, Jip Heijenga, Alisa Komarowa
Child: Sarah Korving
Production: Teddy shouldn’t smoke
Thanks to: SKVR, Theaternetwerk Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Hanna Bervoets, Lysanne Erlings, Robijn Voshol, Charlotte Koot, Daan Doesborgh

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Alles wat er was
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Teddy shouldn't smoke