Solid Maybe

Woman dancing in performance Solid Maybe by Teddy shouldn't smoke

60 minutes

“Nothing is more lonely than not being able to trust your own mind”

There are places where reality fades: the waiting room in a hospital. An abandoned parking garage. An airport in the middle of the night. Places where, when taken out of context, the real and fake seem to merge. These places also exist in your own head. People who have experienced depression know them, as well as people with an anxiety disorder.

In Solid Maybe, Teddy makes your fantasy and reality dance together. In an underground parking garage filled with projection screens you’ll find three generations searching for a way to deal with their fears. The curious, naive child in all her vulnerability. The rebellious adolescent who’s aware of the danger, but cannot yet get a grip on it. The adult with more tools – acquired through pain and struggle – to deal with fear. Solid Maybe takes you on an investigation: who are you in relation to your fear?

We hope to premiere on October 22, 2021, take a look at our agenda.


Solid Maybe

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Teddy shouldn't smoke