Solid Maybe

60 minutes/ language no problem

Solid Maybe is a raw performance about fear and anxiety. Choreographer Marijke de Vos brings the audience to an abandoned parking full of visual effects. Three dancers, three students and three children masterfully unveil how we humans, deal with fear throughout our life.

Solid Maybe: “nothing is more lonely than not being able to trust your own mind”

There are places where reality fades: the waiting room in a hospital. An abandoned parking garage. An airport in the middle of the night. Places where, when taken out of context, the real and fake seem to merge. These places also exist in your own head. People who have experienced depression know them, as well as people with an anxiety disorder.

In Solid Maybe, Teddy makes your fantasy and reality dance together. In an underground parking garage filled with projection screens you’ll find three generations searching for a way to deal with their fears. The curious, naive child in all her vulnerability. The rebellious adolescent who’s aware of the danger, but cannot yet get a grip on it. The adult with more tools – acquired through pain and struggle – to deal with fear. Solid Maybe takes you on an investigation: who are you in relation to your fear?

Practical information (EN)
Plan your visit:
bring a warm jacket and/or sweater since it can be cold in the venue. There is no toilet on location.
Location: Spuihaven car park, Spuiboulevard 304. Enter the venue by using the entrance that’s normally used by cars. The entrance is opposite the Hofbogen.
The parking is on walking distance from Central Station Dordrecht (1 km). It’s not possible to park in the parking garage on site.
Coronacheck: to gain access tot he show you must have, besides a ticket, a valid Coronacheck QR code and your ID.
Duration of the show: 60 minutes.
Language no problem: no spoken tekst.
Accessibility: the performance has wheelchair access, the entrance is through the car entrance so it might be a little steep.
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Praktische informatie (NL)
Plan je bezoek
: het kan fris zijn in de parkeergarage, neem dus een warme trui en jas mee. Op locatie is er geen toilet aanwezig.
Locatie: Parkeergarage Spuihaven, Spuiboulevard 304. Loop naar binnen via de route waarmee je normaalgesproken met de auto komt binnenrijden.
De parkeergarage is op loopafstand 1 kilometer vanaf het Centraal Station Dordrecht. Het is niet mogelijk om in de parkeergarage te parkeren.
Coronacheck: om toegang te krijgen tot de voorstelling moet je naast een geldig ticket een Corona-check QR code en identiteitsbewijs kunnen laten zien.
Duur voorstelling: 60 minuten.
Language no problem: er is geen gesproken tekst in de voorstelling geïntegreerd.
Toegankelijkheid: de voorstelling is rolstoeltoegankelijk, de ingang is via de auto-inrit en daarom wel een beetje stijl.
Nieuwsbrief: blijf op de hoogte van Teddy, teken je hier in op onze nieuwsbrief.

Concept : Marijke de Vos
Choreography: Marijke de Vos together with Alina Fejzo, Kalin Morrow, Viviana Fabiano
Dance: Kalin Morrow, Viviana Fabiano, Sara Miguelote, students: Nynke Jansen, Kyomi Tsang, Chynouk Gefferie, Lineke Maandag, Yasmine Amrani, Lorrain van der Kooye, 3 children
Film/visuals: Mihai Gui
Composition: Robbert Klein
Costume: Terror Kittens
Dramaturgy: Anne van de Wetering
Business management: Hedi D. Legerstee
PR & marketing: Chabelle van der Pauw
Coaching: Ann van den Broek, Marjolijn van den Berg
Thanks to: TimeWindow, WORM, DOOR, Albeda Danscollege, Alina Fejzo
Partners: WORM, DOOR, TimeWindow, Albeda Danscollege, Samen sterk zonder stigma, Maas Theater en Dans


Solid Maybe

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